Friday, April 22, 2011

Napa Valley Ragnar--kill me now...

Have I ever mentioned that I hate running?

I love soccer. I can play soccer all day long. But jogging? For fun/exercise/whatever? No thank you.

And yet, even with that definite attitude toward running, I have handed over my check for my entry fee to the 2011 Napa Valley Ragnar.

That is a running relay race.


On purpose.

I have until September 17th to get my buttocks in shape enough to not completely die in a relay race with 11 other people on my team.

My sister Susan is the runner. She enjoys it. She goes on vacation--big time vacations, like Aruba on her anniversary trip--and still takes the time to get out and run.

For fun.

I don't get that even a little.

Susan is going to be on the Ragnar team with is her group that is doing it and she is letting me join in. She might regret it later, but I hope to have garnered a little better relationship with running by then than my hate/hate relationship I have now.

I am also running the Ragnar with my husband and with my 2nd daughter Raquel. Both of whom are the type who can run for a long time and not want to kill somebody.

Barely break a sweat.

I don't find them fun when running.

I let Raquel run with me last week and the stink ran backwards the whole time and wouldn't stop talking.

And expected me to respond to her questions and comments. Like I could take time from gasping for air to chat.

My 7 year old daughter rode her bike alongside while I ran and kept saying things like "You sure run slow, Mom"..and "I am pretty sure I could run faster than you." So I took her little bike from her and rode while she ran the rest of the way home.


Showed her.

(Actually, she ran easily and quickly and still looked at me as if I were a huge disappointment..I am going to pretend it is because a 40-something year old woman probably should avoid riding a purple 20" bike, but I am not dim enough to really believe that)

I am posting my Ragnar decision here so it is public. I cannot back out. I am holding myself accountable.

If you see me jogging on the street please refrain from all laughter and rude comments.

It is always funny to yell "Run faster! You're winning!" to total strangers who are out jogging. Not so funny to be on the receiving end of that one.

So there you have it. I am running in the Napa Valley Ragnar. I'm sure the scenery will be marvelous even if I see most of it from between my knees as I am bent over sucking air.

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Aimee said...

I used to feel the same way about running. Give it a month or so and you will start enjoying it. I wish I could still run.