Monday, February 17, 2014

"Let me sum up" 2014 Blog Post Numero One

Apparently I am not great at maintaining a regular blog.  Not a single post in 2013. Or in 2012.  Two whole years with zero posts to my blog.  And only four posts in 2011--and all four of those were in the month of April.

I have no idea what that means.

Except that time got away from me.  Or for the last two plus years I have had nothing to write home about.

Must be that first one. "Let me explain--no, there is too much--let me sum up.."

Since April 2011 I have had two daughters graduate from high school (2011 & 2012).  I have had one of those daughters graduate from Western Wyoming Community College with both Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees--having gone there on academic and soccer scholarships.  This same daughter is now serving an LDS mission in the Arizona, Phoenix mission since February of 2013 and will be home this coming August (2014).  The 2nd daughter also went to college--got in one year at Dixie State University with a partial academic scholarship.  And she, too, is serving an LDS mission.  But she is in Korea, Seoul.  She left Sept 11, 2013 and will be back March of 2015.

(Feel free to read their letters home--I am mostly caught up with their blogs...a little behind..but not 2 years, so that is something... and )

That isn't nothing.  That is a lot of something. :)

And that is just two of my kids.

My husband has changed jobs twice in that time.

Our poodle died.

We got a whippet.

Our 3rd daughter has a driver's license.

Our older son is now 14 and taller than me.

Our younger son is an awesome soccer goalie on his comp team and he is also officially ADD, so with meds and more patience than I thought I had, we are coming to an understanding.  I am understanding that parenting is harder than it looks--even with having 5 kids before this son came into our family--and he is understanding that in order to not have to live in his room for the rest of his life from being grounded 24/7, he has to start taking responsibility for his actions.  We are getting there.  Much more slowly than I want, but at least we are progressing.  Most days. :)

Our 4th daughter is also a soccer machine, playing center defense on her competition team.  She has also been taking art lessons.

Our youngest daughter is playing rec soccer (prefers scoring goals over stopping them, so talks her coach into letting her play forward as much as possible), and is in art this year with daughter #4.  This kid has also developed a huge love of horses, and is still trying to learn the art of reading.  It is taking her longer, and is frustrating to her.  But we hope she will get there.

For me, I have been NOT writing.  Not in my blog, not on my unfinished novel.  Nothing.  I have read a lot.  I have started a business painting wall murals.  Well, I painted one giant wall mural last year for a couple who built a new home.  I painted their bonus room above their garage.  It was a big room  A big job.  Took me three months to complete, but it ended up being pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.  This is a link to a youtube video their son took of the finished room.  It doesn't show it to it's best advantage--there are a TON of details that are left out of this short clip, but you can get an idea..

Bonus Room at the Young's

I would like to work at doing more, but that younger son of mine has a school schedule that makes it a bit difficult at this time.  So when I get my scheduling under some sort of control that will make me not seem so flaky, then I will pursue more painting jobs.

 It is mid-February now...enough time has passed that I don't have to consider my next paragraph a New Year's Resolution. So here goes...

I am going to have a goal (NOT a resolution) to write MUCH more frequently on this blog.

Apparently just posting this entry means I have already met said goal...:)

But, to be more specific, I plan on writing a decent entry at least once per week.  And by decent, I mean not so much rambling nothingness, and hopefully a little more substance.

If for no other reason than to shock those who know me into realizing that I actually have an opinion.  Not that I care what they think.  But some have been known to show genuine surprise that I would speak up in situations--i.e. when I was on jury duty--and others who seem set back a bit if something funny comes from my mouth.

Which I find a bit rude.

Like my husband is the only one allowed a sense of humor in my family.

Granted, he is funny.  And he is a loud talker.  So people hear him more. :)  That, and most of my 'jokes' are now mumbled under my breath because I have found that I am still not old enough to get away with off-color comments.  The one boon to old age--freedom of expression and speech. In a 'that's what she said' type of atmosphere. :)

So there you have it.  My goal is now written down and on the it must all be true.

And now I have documentation, so hopefully that will put my writing self back in gear.

We shall see.

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