Friday, April 8, 2011

Music Videos for your Viewing & Listening Pleasure

The first video is the Hoobastank video I mentioned in my previous blog...if you got that far to notice. I like this song a lot.

And this one is an '80's favorite, although I don't remember the weirdness of the video...I guess 80's and 'weird video' are synonymous. :)

And since I am a mostly closet country listener eer since having a lovely Texan roommate Tammy who showed us all some tolerance for the genre, (although I usually only like the funny songs, like 'I'm Still a Guy' by Brad Paisley) here is one from Toby Keith that my whole family gets a kick out of:

That's it. Just 3 songs for you to enjoy today.

At least I posted again and didn't wait another 6 months like usual..:)

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