Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My 100th Post :)

That is a lot of rambling...

In recognition of my 100th blog post I am going to make a list of random facts about me. Things I like, don't like. Things I find fascinating. Random. 100 of them, so random will be key. :) And yes, it is about me and my you can just wait for blog #101 if you don't want to suffer through this. ;-D

1. I like Hershey's chocolate bars dipped in Jif peanut butter. Not Reeses. I mean the 'homemade' "You got your chocolate on my peanut butter!" stuff.

2. My favorite dinner since I was a kid is spaghetti.

3. I love dogs...but that said:

4. I don't like schnauzers or basset hounds.

5. Pet peeve #1-people's spelling errors with the to, too, two; your, you're; their, there, & they're

6. I don't know how to snow ski, but have lived in Utah my whole life. (It is the stopping I don't do well...)

7. I have actually gotten to the point where I have to do math to remember how old I am.

8. Favorite dessert type item: Kneader's Bakery's fruit tart. That is one dessert I would 'cheat' with and not feel one bit of remorse.

9. I don't like putting laundry away

10. Apparently I'm a "white" on the color code chart. Not really sure what that means.

11. I don't believe in palm readers/fortune tellers, but refuse to go to one 'just in case'. Which probably means I don't want to hear anything bad because I will worry..

12. Pet peeve #2-People who sing really loudly and really badly all at the same time without realizing that they are hurting the ears of everyone within 10 miles because they are positive they are most excellent at singing. Except when I am the one who is singing. That doesn't bug me. At that point people who are peeved at my singing bug me.

13. I get a kick out of people when they find out I knew and dated Doug before my mission. They still have the mindset that if a girl has the opportunity she should get married instead of going on a mission. For some that is probably true. For me it was never an option--I had my decision to go on a mission set since I was 8. It never crossed my mind to stay home and get married instead.

14. I don't like my kids to have the candy 'Nerds'. The reason? They have never, EVER had some without dumping most of them on the floor.

15. I also hugely dislike Easter grass in Easter baskets for basically the same reason...I find Easter grass all over the house. In July. It seems to expand and grow and multiply. Not unlike Easter bunnies...

16. I have a tendency to go to boutiques and shops looking for home furnishings/wall hangings/etc and end up getting nothing because I am sure I can do just as good of job painting a picture or making some sort of decoration just as well as what I could buy...and thus save a lot of money. I don't take into consideration that I never find time to make these things, so I go a long time with bare walls and little home decor.

17. I don't like sad movies. Happy endings are half the fun of a movie, so if it makes me cry but doesn't make me feel better at the wrap-up, I don't like it.

18. I have never seen the movie "Titanic" because of #17.

19. I want to learn how to play the guitar

20. I think it would be fun to learn to ride a motorcycle, but the whole hands, feet, shift, brake, gas thing is too much for my simple brain and coordination so I am fairly certain that I would learn and then I would crash. So actually learning to ride a motorcycle isn't very high on my list of things to do once I remember that part.

21. I have mentioned before that I am a decent ventriloquist because of liking to sing to my car radio without drivers around me realizing that I am belting out show tunes. Well, now I have decided that cell phones have made that trick unnecessary. I can sing and pretend I'm on my hands-free phone and no one bats an eye anymore. As long as I remember to not bob and weave aka:dance at the same time. That sort of throws it off a bit.

22. I think people should look at me and be surprised that I'm not 10 years younger than my real age. I don't feel this old so I can't possibly LOOK this old. Right? I know, I one is surprised and I should just be glad people don't think I look 10 years OLDER than my real age. [that isn't nearly as satisfying to my ego...]

23. I am eating peanut M&M's right now and they are NOT part of my diet. [muahaha....]

24. I like to golf

25. I am allergic to walnuts. If I eat them they give me canker sores. Which is unpleasant, but sometimes I eat them anyway just to live on the edge. (And if they happen to be encased in caramel and chocolate..)

26. I have the best parents in the world. :)

27. One of my favorite songs is 'The Reason' by Hoobastank. Interesting music video too which I will post as post #101 so you can hear it..

28. What in the heck does 'Hoobastank' mean and why did they make that the name of their band??

29. On the birth order charts, I don't think I fit many of the 'oldest child' category listings..except for the part about not liking change. And maybe the part about being bossy. ;)

30. I think I am hilarious. Even when no one else does.

31. Sometimes I catch my reflection in my car window and am surprised at how old I am. Dang it.

32. I've stopped watching very much tv. The only thing I watch really is Sportscenter. It started out as wind down time with Doug after the kids are in bed. Ends up being me watching while he falls asleep on the couch. (Stupid car reflection is rubbing off on every other aspect of my life showing me getting older..)

33. I've learned the hard way to never ask questions you really don't want to truthful answer for. Like "Who looks older, me or that person (who looks at least 10 yrs older than me)over there?"; or "Do I look like I've gained weight?"

34. My favorite chocolate like item for the past couple of years is chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Love them.

35. Food storage is fine and dandy until you realize half of what you have expired 3 years ago. Apparently 'rotate' isn't in my storage vocabulary.

36. Zumba is fun.

37. I see joggers and wish I thought jogging was fun. But I hate jogging. (probably should have capitalized the 'h' in that...)

38. I am really, really bad at making sure I serve a vegetable with dinner. I'm not fond enough of vegetables in general to want to make them. I only like them when served to me. :)

39. I think one of the reasons why I am a Primary teacher in my church is so that I will go home on Sundays liking my own kids more...because:

40. Other people's children drive me a little nuts. Not all of them. Just a select few.

41. I don't feel bad about #40 because I have kids of my own who fill that same reality for all other Primary (and school) teachers. And, lets be honest, most neighbors too.

42. One of the best places in the world to 'people watch' is the State Fair. Holy moley.

43. On the lines of #42, I have begun the self-entertainment of secretly taking photos of some of the most..interesting..characters I run across at large public the fair and Lagoon. But not in a creepy way. Somehow this one doesn't sound quite right...

44. Why is it that the very second you start a healthy eating regimine, you suddenly have a plethora of junk food in your house?

45. 'Plethora' is a funky word.

46. I always thought I was a decent speller...but I am a huge fan of the spell checker.

47. I really, really, really like my Nook eReader.

48. I am a most excellent 2nd in command. In my opinion, I do better when I have to keep track of what other people are doing--i.e. I think I was a much better junior companion than senior comanion on my mission. So I don't do totally in charge well...but am good at keeping the one who is in charge in line and on task. (Okay, I nag...)

49. I get annoyed by stupid people a lot more quickly than I used to..which annoys me more because I can feel the inherited scowly furrows between my eyebrows deepen as I unintentionally give them my 'you've got to be kidding me' look.

50. I'm halfway to the end of this blog post. Still with me?

51. I'm glad I can blame my 'scowly furrows' on an inherited facial feature. I would hate for the furrows to be there just because I am ornery. :)

52. Two favorite college traditions--and I will put them in two numbers because 100 items are getting harder to come up with--1. Studying for finals with roommates and taking a break at 2 a.m. by driving to Denny's for hot chocolate and a side of hashbrowns.

53. And 2., also a food tradition during finals: eating oatmeal cookie dough.

54. Speaking of which, I really don't like oatmeal cookies. The dough I love. The cookies, not so much. Unless there are raisins in the dough and then I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft. pole..Ick.

55. In case you couldn't tell...I don't like raisins.

56. I also don't like olives or celery. I've tried my whole life to like those things, but just plain don't.

57. My favorite daughter, nay, my favorite child is Victoria.

58. I have funny you can tell by #57 when I left this blog up and someone took over. :) I love them all.

59. I eat some foods weird...for example, I really prefer to eat a Snickers by eating the bottom part first and then the top. So I eat the nugat off and then leave the caramel/peanut part for last. This particular habit drives my husband crazy. But he is the type to eat an Oreo like any old cookie and not take it apart. So what does he know? :)

60. If Snickers would come in a version of only carmel and peanuts it would make both me AND my husband happy. Me, because it would no longer be a drawn out process for eating it, and my husband because he would no longer get disgusted with seeing me dissect a candy bar.

61. Much to my embarassment, I am a sympathy crier. I was much 'tougher' before my mission. Could hold it back better. Now there is no stopping it. Darn it all.

62. If I had monthly discretional funds, I would pay to have someone else clean my house. Total no brainer on that one.

63. When I was a teenager, I looked forward to being 26. I thought I would be single, have a german shepherd and a Jeep..and 26 seemed old enough to be finally considered an adult, but young enough to have lots of fun. Instead at 26 I was married with a baby and one more on the way—I did have a german shepherd though.. Funny how real life is usually a bit different than you expect. It was at that time a completely different kind of ‘fun’. I never thought I would be 26 watching Barney for my ‘fun’. :)

64. Even after years of dealing with my computer, I still consider myself computer illiterate. I do things the hard way with the computer programs. Kind of annoying to see Doug zip through an Excel worksheet inserting all kinds of fun and having it work out quickly, after I have just spent an hour doing what just took him 3 minutes.

65. Coming up with 100 thoughts, things about me, etc. is harder than I thought. I started this stupid blog entry 4 months ago.

66. I have a most excellent husband. I am very proud of all he accomplishes at work and at church. He knows practically everyone in the Stake from being on the high council for the last 5+ years, and I can honestly say that he genuinely likes everyone he meets and they seem to all genuinely like him back. He loves public speaking and it shows in the talks he gives. They are always filled with humor and insight and even I get compliments on his behalf once he has spoken to a ward or group from people who were touched by something he said or did.

67. I, on the other hand, hate public speaking..have a hard time keeping names and faces right, and prefer to be anti-social. So we are a good balance. :)

68. One thing I can do, however, that Doug cannot, is list descriptions and traits of pretty much every AKC recognized breed of dog, and some that aren’t recognized. It is a skill, like anything else. Not one to really brag about I suppose…but it is something. :)

69. I hate all things math. I can actually feel my brain rebel against working when I look at a math problem. Mostly because I look at a math problem and can’t really figure out where the question is. Fractions make my head hurt.

70. Hallelujah, only 30 more of these to go. Are you still reading along? Or are you skim reading the same way I am skim writing?

71. I love to read. I am a fast reader, so I can whip through a book quickly which makes me feel a little less guilty about reading when I should be cleaning instead.

72. My favorite cereal as a kid was ‘Freakies’. Discontinued for a long time now. Here is a picture of the box: 73. Favorite cereals now are still from that time..I like Count Chocula & BooBerry & Frankenberry cereals. Harder to find except around Halloween, which might actually be why I like them so much still.

74. We have always loved German Shepherds, but since I insist on our next dog being a mostly indoor dog, and GSD’s shed more than anything and would drive us all crazy to live in that amount of dog hair, we are looking to find a new breed of dog to own. If anyone has a suggestion, our criteria is the following—large size, more rare breed (i.e. not a lab or something that everyone seems to have…not necessarily rare in the exact sense), low shedding, good with people. We are open to suggestions.

75. The very best place to have a hot dog is at a ball park. (duh)

76. Mariah will be in 1st grade next year. So that means I will get to finally go back to school and finish my degree. Too darn bad I STILL have no idea what I want that degree to be in. If I could find a job instead I would probably do that. But I think I need a degree to be more employable. For all the jokes about how much a homemaker does and how to put it all on a resume, I don’t see employers going for that whole shpeel.

77. I think back on things my mom allowed me to do and wonder to myself “What was she thinking??” Letting us ride our bikes from our home in Bountiful to my dad’s work in SLC…by taking a busy-even-then Redwood Road from Bountiful to 1100 South in SLC? My kids wish I were as nice as Grandma Jamie. I get cranky when they want to go to the Smith’s a mile away that has sidewalks the whole way and only one light to cross.

78. I still wish I had a Jeep. Or a Lotus Elise. :) Playing xbox GT2000 made me really like the Lotus.

79. I might be the worse player ever for Halo, but that GT2000 was MINE. I owned that game. Beat everyone. Which is probably why the family enjoys beating me at Halo now. I just can’t get the controller and my head to match up…I try to make it look up, it looks down. Every time.

80. I can’t believe I still have to come up with 20 more of these things…if you are still reading—more power to ya.

81. I like to fish.

82. I don’t know how to fly-fish.

83. We have a wall mural in my house that I painted that when completely finished will be a subtle mockery of everyone who has the cheesy sayings in vinyl on their walls. Mine will have vinyl sayings too…but it will have quotes like “Be excellent to each other.” –Bill S Preston, Esquire. I’m looking forward to the completed wall.

84. I don’t think Doug wanted me to let everyone know about #83. I think part of the fun was going to be seeing everyone read the quotes and weeding out kindred spirits by those who ‘got’ the humor, and those who just see a nice quote. :)

85. I hope you realize that this post might put me off posting for awhile again. My ideas are already sporadic on blog topics…this one is throwing me right off the edge.

86. I personally realize that this post will probably put anyone reading my blog off my blog indefinitely. Sorry about that.

87. One of my favorite sayings is the Murphy’s Law—“All things being equal, a fat person requires more soap than a thin person.” Unfortunately I think about that saying almost every time I take a shower. Annoying really. But I still like the quote.

88. Favorite actors of mine(please see previous blog for lovely photos of these guys)…for their acting ability and/or handsome good looks: Cary Grant, Josh Duhamel, Colin Firth and Ryan Reynolds.

89. Favorite actress of Doug’s..I think more for the handsome good looks although she is a good actress too: Halle Berry

90. I don’t have a favorite restaurant. I don’t like having to pick a place to go eat, because I honestly don’t care. I wish I cared. I like to eat. I like the Market Street Grills, Ruth’s Chris, etc., but I also am just as happy at IHOP or Kneaders. Guess I’m an easy date.

91. My oldest daughter is going away to college in the fall. I’m going to miss her.

92. I am not looking forward to my kids getting married and having kids. It will make me a grandmother. Once you get that title, you can no longer pretend to be young. No matter your actual age. Once you have ‘grandma’ tacked next to your name, you have a whole different persona..if not to yourself, to everyone else.

93. I don’t like minivans.

94. I am a breast cancer survivor..but it is hard for me to think of it that way. It feels like I didn’t go through enough compared to all of the other women that needed chemo, etc. to fight it. All I had was a mastectomy and reconstruction. I’m not complaining..I just think other women fought more valiantly. I was very, very blessed to have found it early enough to not have to go through more than I did.

95. Almost there….do these ones count? I’m counting them. Shows everyone how I like to cut corners. :)

96. My first car was an ’84 Ford Escort hatchback. I loved that car. It was an oxidized blue and it got me to Dixie and back umpteen times. My brother totaled it. Luckily he was unhurt, but my poor car went to junkyard heaven.

97. My first job outside of working for my dad, was as a waitress at a small diner in Bountiful. I didn’t last long. I hated that job.

98. I wish I spoke better Portuguese. I think I might take lessons sometime and finally try to get those verbs down pat.

99. I love DisneyWorld. I went there on my honeymoon and then we took the family there on our 13th wedding anniversary—because we were married on a Friday the 13th. Which is kind of fun in and of itself. :)

100. I really like writing in this blog, even though I don’t seem to manage to get to it as often as I used to. I will do better. It is a new goal. Okay, it is an old goal, but one I hope to actually achieve one of these days.

DONE. :) You need to go get a nice beverage to reward yourself for sitting through this one. Thanks for reading my 100th blog.

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